Significant accomplishments

2013 6000msw Bathysaurus XL WROW system delivered to Swire Seabed

2012 Mariner XXL WROV delivered to PG

2012 Estlink cable laying Nexans Norway

2012 Joint RSV operations with Libas for Shell (Ormen Lange), CGG (seismic support) and ExxonMobil (FPSO inspection)

2011 Re-grouting and internal tank inspection method development and pilot project for Noreco

2010 Riser stabilisation for AGR

2010 Valhall Re-development #2 Pre-lay Survey, debris removal, cable laying and trenching for Nexans Norway

2009 Cruise to Jan Mayen with Bergen University's Institute of Geobiology

2009 Valhall Re-development Pre-lay Survey and cable/debris removal, cable laying and trenching for Nexans Norway

2009 Hainan Guangdong Cable Laying and Trenching for Nexans Norway

2008 Marine EM pulse source developed

2008 Pollution survey in Drammen fjord to open for development of a new suburb

2008 Survey and service at “Geostar", the first real-time subsea observatory, 2000m deep

2008 Cable survey and detection for Fugro (Libya)

2007 Bathysaurus XL work class ROV

2007 Cable tracking for Statnett using ROV with TSS 350

2007 Contributed to the survey of the “Prestige” at 3850m for Fugro and the Spanish Government

2007 Installed a suction anchor 1200m at Goliat

2006 Gravimetric studies for Statoil

2006 Installed a power cable at Dolphin

2005 Repaired the Fennoscan cable in Finland

2005 Guided cable lay across the Gibraltar strait with simultaneous post-lay survey

2004-2008 Research for The University of Bergen, Marine and Geophysical Departments

2004 Delivered an Argus Mariner to Assodivers in Greece.

2004 Built an Argus Abyss ROV for depths down to 6000metres.

2003 Developed DPV for the Norwegian Special command

2002 Delivered 4 Argus Rover MKII ROV-systems for the Swedish navy. 2 of them incl. TMS/Garage with bailing arm system.

2001 Delivered an Argus Mariner XL to Nexans Norway. The vehicle has the performance of a work class ROV and it is all electric.

2001 Delivered an Argus Rover mkII observation ROV to Atlantic Diving.

2001 Delivered an Argus Mariner OBS/WORK class ROV with a survey package to Artec Subsea.